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Billboard Names The All American Rejects as Having the Most Played Song of 2009

Billboard names the rock group, The All American Rejects as having the most played song in 2009. Their hit song “Gives You Hell” spent 13 weeks on the Billboard Top 10. It has sold over 3.3 million digital copies. The song is off their current album, When the World Comes Down. They beat out competitors like Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas and Taylor Swift.The song was the first number one for the band on …

George Jones: New County music needs a new name

George Jones 78, a legend in the country music industry and a member of the Nashville country music Hall of fame said that he was not pleased about the way country music has changed over the years. In his recent interview, he mentioned artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, who he believes have used the county music category as a platform to enter the industry and have “stolen our identity”.

According to Jones, traditional …

X Factor’s Josh Krajcik warned about smoking and drinking

Josh KrajcikJosh Krajcik one of the top 10 remaining contestants in X Factor USA has been warned about smoking and drinking too much. He has a chance at winning $5 million, but he is about to ruin it. Apparently Krajcik was having issues with his voice giving out during practice last week. A doctor examined him and said that drinking and smoking were to blame and Krajcik should stop both immediately. [READ MORE]

Filesharers are the music industry’s best customers

The best customers the music industry has a peer-to-peer (P2P) music pirates, according to a recent survey. Commissioned by Demos in the UK, the MORI survey states that if someone pirates their music, it is a good sign for music companies, as these parties would generally buy music legitimately later on. The survey dissuades RIAA logic, which is that all filesharers or ‘pirates’ should be jailed. The survey goes on to say that if the …

Choosing the Best Radio Stations

In online radio, music genres are categorized into internet radio stations where listeners can just pick the station they want to listen to for hours. When streaming online radio, a listener can choose to listen to random genres as much as he wants. However, to give another good option for listeners, internet radio stations were created so that there is only disco internet radio station for pure disco music, jazz radio station for purely jazz, …

Kim Kardashian to launch music career… Can she do it?

So the story has been told…Kim Kardashian is going to be a pop star. Who would have ever thought that she would go that far in entertainment? She has a long journey ahead of her and is brave for what she is doing. Who knows, maybe she is testing it out for her self just to see if she can ‘bring it’, or maybe the contract was too good to pass up.

Regardless, Kim Kardashian …

Why is Online Radio popular?

With the advent of Web 2.0, the internet has become a playground for all things audio and video. Whether one wants free music online, there are several sources that can cater to a user’s needs. And this means that whether one wants the most popular music at the moment or even retro stuff, torrents, P2P networking sites and even direct downloads make it easy for the power internet user to be able to gain access …

Internet Radio will take you places!

Different people listen to the radio for unique reasons of their own. And while the internet has extended the reach of radio in the form of internet radio, it seems as if the transition to Web 3.0 is so close. Imagine yourself living in Asia and being able to hear radio stations in Los Angeles as if you were there. That’s the power of this type of radio, as it reaches a global audience!

It …

Federal Court Disbands Gnutella’s Limewire Project

Showing once again that the RIAA holds absolute power over the music industry, another main source of free MP3 downloads has been closed off in the interest of protecting music artists’ intellectual property. Gnutella announced to their clients shortly after the lawsuit was lost that the Limewire project would be no more. That day, all of the Limewire servers were cut off from life support, effectively eliminating the runaway success of a P2P service overnight.…

Check out some online radio stations

Everybody loves to listen to the radio. Whether you’re out driving, on a picnic, taking a jog or you’re even at work radio keeps you company.Mp3 players can do the same thing, but paying for the music is a little expensive. Online radio stations represent a great alternative to this problem.

The two biggest problems with normal terrestrial radio is that

  • 1. They function on frequencies and you can go out of range of these