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How to Write a Scene

Any well-constructed scene is thoroughly conscious of one major component: time. Too much time can make a subtle glance seem to drag on, while too little can feel like being whisked away. The audience may not be able to follow when the pacing is too fast. It also leaves plot holes. If you feel like your scene is at a standstill, or you don’t know what to write, use these tips to help you move …

How to Make Your First Film

Do you want to be a filmmaker? Do you have a cell phone or a camera? Making your first film is one of the simplest things you can do, and it’s a great introduction into filmmaking. You need an idea to begin, so aim for something simple. Less King Kong, more Pixar short. You can work on adding bells and whistles in later films, but this is something you can do in less than a …

Christina Aguilera Paid $10 Million for Third Season of “The Voice”

Although she is coming out of her divorce from Jordan Bratman after six years of marriage, Christina Aguilera is doing very well these days. She recently scored her first number one song in about a decade, and she’s also starring on a hit TV show, “The Voice,” which you may have heard of -- it’s apparently the American Idol killer.[READ MORE]

X Factor’s Josh Krajcik warned about smoking and drinking

Josh KrajcikJosh Krajcik one of the top 10 remaining contestants in X Factor USA has been warned about smoking and drinking too much. He has a chance at winning $5 million, but he is about to ruin it. Apparently Krajcik was having issues with his voice giving out during practice last week. A doctor examined him and said that drinking and smoking were to blame and Krajcik should stop both immediately. [READ MORE]

De Niro Makes Fun Of Himself

robert+de+niro The other night, I caught "Angel Heart" and Robert De Niro on It is more of an old horror noir film, with Mickey Rourke playing a private detective. De Niro plays the main client, and there's something positively sinister about him. [...]

Cheryl Cole X Factor Contract Cancelled

cheryl cole Last week it was announced that Cheryl Cole had signed as the last judge for the American version of X Factor. However, today The Hollywood Reporter reported that her contract has been cancelled. [...]

Scotty McCreery wins Ameircan Idol

scotty-mccreery Scotty McCreery, the 16 year old country singer, won this year's American Idol yesterday. At the finale Scotty was against Lauren Alaina, who is also 16. 29 million watched the finale, 122 million votes were received and several popular artists performed on the results show. [...]

Haley Reinhart leaves American Idol

In this weeks Ameircan Idol the Top 3 contestants faced off each other. In the running were Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. [...]