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John Williams: The Composer of Film

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When people think about favorite film scores, chances are good that they are humming a John Williams tune. Williams has been one of the most active and well-known composers in the film scene, but he’s not limited to film work alone. His five Academy Awards are only the tip of a long and illustrious career as a composer.

Perhaps best known for his work on Star Wars, Williams …

A Brief Picture of Eminem

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Born just outside of Kansas City, Marshall Bruce Mathers III never knew his father. His mother raised him along with his half-brother on her own. Mathers was blessed with a kind of lyrical talent, which was recognized by kids he went to high school with.

Eminem attempted the ninth grade three times, but after failing his third time he decided to drop out to pursue music on a more serious …

Kobi Arad

Kobi Arad wins HMMA Award in Jazz category for “Bemsha Swing”

At the 12th Annual Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2021), Israeli Jazz musician Kobi Arad received an award in the Independent Music Artist – Jazz category for his cover of “Bemsha Swing,” the jazz standard made famous by Thelonious Monk. It was his most recent award win after his previous wins at the Global Music Awards in 2018, 2019, and 2020, and Independent Music Awards for Jazz Instrumental Album in 2019 (for his album ‘Segments’). …

Who is George Gstar?

In a world of social media influencers competing to make an impression, George Gstar is in a league of his own. After following his Instagram and YouTube accounts for a long time, several words come to mind to describe his online presence: extravagant, ambitious, and captivating.

George Gstar

On Instagram, he has an eye for being creative and provocative. One famous shot shows him eating an imaginary meal with cutlery. But the large stacks of …

An Interview with Anthony Nelson

Anthony Nelson’s gospel group, The Overcomers, has had an explosive debut album in the form of “Love Jesus, Love People”, and the gospel singer spoke to us about how things have changed since the group landed two top Billboard singles. For Nelson, whose career is only just beginning, the gospel scene has revitalized his devotion to his faith and has helped to strengthen the bonds of his family.

Nelson, who graduated with a B.S. from …

The Mystery of Robert Johnson

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Robert Johnson would become the King of the Delta Blues well after his death in 1938. What actually happened to him remains a mystery. He was enigmatic, often playing in front of a wall or away from the audience to hide his style of playing guitar. He was also a known womanizer, which may have had some hand in his death. The trouble is that it’s next …

Psy Hits #2 on Billboard US Pop Charts

If you haven't heard Psy's Gangnam Style yet, then you are probably an old fart that does not watch any TV or read news on the internet or have a social media account or listen to pop radio. So in case you have not heard, Psy is Korean and this song is performed in Korean, but the vidow on Youtube has gone viral and now it is the most liked video ever online and is currently #2 in teh US Billboard pop charts and has a good shot at becoming #1 next week. Currently Maroon 5 is at #1.

Madonna Offends French by Baring Nipple & Swastika Image at Concert

madonna8The Material Girl notorious for her risqué behavior is in trouble again. ABC News reports that Madonna could get sued by a right-wing French political party because she played a video of the party’s leader with a swastika on her forehead while performing in Paris last weekend. The video shows a montage of famous faces including party leader Marine Le Pen. After Pen’s face comes up in the video, it features the Nazi swastika on her forehead; then Madonna’s face shows up wearing Hitler’s mustache.[READ MORE]

Whitney Houston Dead at 48 – RIP

Whitney Houston has been found dead today at Beverly Hilton Hotel, where she was staying to attend the Clive Davis pre-grammy's dinner gala. The cause of death has not yet been determined yet, but Polic has said it is probably not drugs or foul play. The medics arrived at the scene at 3:55pm today and tried to revive her, but they were not unable to do so.[READ MORE]