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Celebrity Hair Fashions

Article Written by : Luxury Body Jewelry

Kate Beckinsale recently changed her dark hair to blonde; it’s still worn in the same style. She was spotted while on vacation.

Lauren Conrad changed her hair so that it’s darker and shorter, with a little more curl. She displayed this new look at a Covergirl event. Kristin Ess, Lauran’s hair stylist, stated that she was tired of her blonde color and was inspired by the looks of …

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Tips on How to Be a Successful Model

By Kaki West

Modeling isn’t easy, especially if you’re just starting out. The fashion and beauty industries are challenging, often requiring models to work long hours without proper breaks and mealtimes in between. Another challenge many new models face is competition. It seems every girl wants to be a model these days, including professional women with day jobs. Whether you’re new to modeling or have been getting paid gigs for years, here are three tips …

Kaki West at New York Fashion Week

Michael Costello Spring 2015

Written by Kaki West


Kaki West at New York Fashion Week New York Fashion Week is always fun and inspiring, but this year the event was extra special because I got sit in the front row at Michael Costello’s Spring 2015 runway show. This blog post covers the event as well as features a few Kaki West pics from the evening.

The Event

Kaki West at New York Fashion Week

Many of you might remember Michael Costello from the eight season of Project Runway, and later on …

Finding The Best Spray Tan Equipment

The best spray tan equipment is something that is within your reach when you have the right supplier to get it from.  Spray tans are the best way to make you look your best, plain and simple.  Spray tanning has a lot of benefits that allow it to really stand out when compared to going and lying down in a tanning bed or something of that nature.

Millions of people all around the world are …

Mobile Spray Tan Business – Get Mobile

With tanning becoming so popular and with people’s schedules becoming increasingly busier, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to mobile tanning options as opposed to having to go into a tanning solution to get a bit of color on their skin. The mobile spray tan business allows you to get out into the field with your tanning business and bring tanning to people’s homes. You can purchase all of the equipment online and …

Get a Toddler Car Seat to Keep Your Toddler Safe

Every parent knows that to keep their toddler safe in the car they need a toddler car seat. There are different size car seats according to the age of your child. For example, infants require smaller car seats than toddlers and toddlers require smaller car seats than 3 or 4 year olds. Before you buy a car seat be sure you know the exact height and weight of your child. Every child grows differently …

Victoria Beckham Needs Surgery to Remove Her Bunions

Doctors told Victoria Beckham, who is popular for her designer dress collection, fragrances, and personal style, that she needs to undergo an operation to remove her bunion. A bunion which is known as a deformity of the bone that affects the feet causes the star much pain. Victoria suffers from shooting pains each time she wears high heels, and states that her feet are the “bane of her life”.On a trip to Paris in early …

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria’s-Secret-Fashion-Show-2010 There is a perception out there that only men watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show. This is definitely a myth. As a woman, I love watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show for how much it empowers me as a woman. This show truly inspires me to gain confidence as a woman. I love how this show embraces femininity and the beauty of the female figure. READ MORE