Celebrity Hair Fashions

Article Written by : Luxury Body Jewelry

Kate Beckinsale recently changed her dark hair to blonde; it’s still worn in the same style. She was spotted while on vacation.

Lauren Conrad changed her hair so that it’s darker and shorter, with a little more curl. She displayed this new look at a Covergirl event. Kristin Ess, Lauran’s hair stylist, stated that she was tired of her blonde color and was inspired by the looks of Jessica Biel and Mila Kunis.

Kim Kardashian now has dreadlocks for her new music video.

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman wore a new hairstyle to her Black Swan movie premier. Her hair is light brown with highlights and curls. John D. is her hairstylist. He stated that he used hydrating styling cream to give the hair fullness at the root and a soft hold, along with hydration.

Emma Stone changed her naturally red hair to platinum blonde.

Many celebrities are wearing hair buns currently, which can be worn with any hair type. To do so, start out with newly washed, clean hair. Add some softening gel to slightly wet hair, and blow dry. When the hair is dry, add some texturizing cream to help your bun stay in place. Once your bun is in place, use shine spray over the top of your head.

Ken Paves is a celebrity hairdresser and shared some hair secrets:
1. Use velcro rollers on partially dry hair, blow dry on low until dry, then unroll.
2. Use a deep conditioning mask to minimize the damage of straightening curly hair.