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Three Reasons to Say Yes to Vintage Tableware

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

It’s time to purchase new tableware, but that doesn’t mean it has to be recently made. A growing number of people are making the switch from contemporary tableware pieces to vintage dinnerware and collections. Here are three reasons you might want to do the same.

Quality Matters

If you’re craving a collection of fine china and tableware, consider going vintage. Few contemporary tableware lines can match the quality and craftsmanship …

Unique Places to find Vintage Crystal Stemware

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

When it comes to stemware, crystal is the preferred type of glass most people use to serve wine and other beverages. Many people enjoy collecting crystal, and some even treasure vintage crystal stemware. If you’re particularly interested in vintage crystal stemware, you’re in luck. You might find what you’re looking for at estate sales and vintage shops.

Estate Sales

For the vintage crystal stemware collector, there’s nothing like stumbling on …

Celebs Who Proposed with Custom-Made Rings

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Whether it is buying a home or estate jewellery, celebrities are known for sparing no expense on getting what they want. And now a growing number of the rich and famous are designing jewelry, too. Here’s a list of a few celebs that popped the question with custom-made engagement rings.

Kanye West

When rapper Kanye West proposed to reality TV star Kim Kardashian on her 33rd birthday, he did …

Celebrities that Love Vintage Jewelry

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

While most of us already know that the late and beautiful Elizabeth Taylor had a large collection of vintage jewellery, she’s not the only celebrity who loves the vintage look. In fact, many famous men and women in the entertainment industry have a love for vintage rings and other fine jewellery. Of course, the red carpet is always an opportunity to wear unique vintage pieces, but many celebrities enjoy wearing …

A Girl’s Best Friend

                Looking for a great gift to give for your wife? Is it your anniversary or maybe your wife’s birthday? Sometimes it’s just too hard to find anymore things to give to the person you love because at this point, it just seems like you’ve given her everything you possibly can given your financial constraints. But there is always that saying that holds true to this day, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

Let’s be realistic…

Save Money on Your Wedding Rings

If you’ve been thinking a lot about the big day, there are countless things to be excited about. From seeing all your friends and family, to the amazing food to, of course, marrying your best friend, it can be hard keeping a smile off your face. However, it’s tough to avoid thinking about all the costs that come with throwing a wedding and, in this economy, they can be particularly difficult to handle.

Cubic Zirconia Wedding Band

That’s why …