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Where Do Famous Celebrities Meditate?

Article by Zhang Xinuye of Create Abundance

Celebrities have extreme schedules and finding the time to meditate can be a challenge when on the road or touring different countries. Many have found the low-barrier quick 10-minute meditations very convenient as they travel on buses or if they are traveling by air, they will use the time on the flight to meditate. The benefits of meditation are important to focus, relieve stress, and get them in …

Madonna Offends French by Baring Nipple & Swastika Image at Concert

madonna8The Material Girl notorious for her risqué behavior is in trouble again. ABC News reports that Madonna could get sued by a right-wing French political party because she played a video of the party’s leader with a swastika on her forehead while performing in Paris last weekend. The video shows a montage of famous faces including party leader Marine Le Pen. After Pen’s face comes up in the video, it features the Nazi swastika on her forehead; then Madonna’s face shows up wearing Hitler’s mustache.[READ MORE]

Madonna to Release New Album in 2012

madonnaMadonna fans: it's time to celebrate. Madonna announced in Venice, Italy during the 68th annual Venice Film Festival taht she will start workingh on her 12th studio album. Madonna is expected to work for the rest of the year on the album. [...]