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Celebrity Hair Fashions

Article Written by : Luxury Body Jewelry

Kate Beckinsale recently changed her dark hair to blonde; it’s still worn in the same style. She was spotted while on vacation.

Lauren Conrad changed her hair so that it’s darker and shorter, with a little more curl. She displayed this new look at a Covergirl event. Kristin Ess, Lauran’s hair stylist, stated that she was tired of her blonde color and was inspired by the looks of …

Kim Kardashian files for divorce, appologizes to fans

kim-kardashian-divorce Yesterday on 10/31/11 Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from husband Kris Humphries just 72 days after they got married. Apparantly she didn't even bother to let her husband know directly. Kris found out from the media that she had files for divorce. [...]
The Attack of the Bieber Clones

The Attack of the Bieber Clones

Article Written by : Beauty Supply Online

Popularity comes in many ways for celebrities, but very few have managed to have a hairstyle mania. Of those even fewer have had a hairstyle named after them. Several years ago “The Rachel” was made popular by Jennifer Aniston and now it’s “The Bieber”!

Thousands of teenage boys are descending in salons demanding for the Bieber hairstyle. Some of them don’t particularly care for the Canadian recording artist …