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Celebrity Hair Fashions

Article Written by : Luxury Body Jewelry

Kate Beckinsale recently changed her dark hair to blonde; it’s still worn in the same style. She was spotted while on vacation.

Lauren Conrad changed her hair so that it’s darker and shorter, with a little more curl. She displayed this new look at a Covergirl event. Kristin Ess, Lauran’s hair stylist, stated that she was tired of her blonde color and was inspired by the looks of …

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria’s-Secret-Fashion-Show-2010 There is a perception out there that only men watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show. This is definitely a myth. As a woman, I love watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show for how much it empowers me as a woman. This show truly inspires me to gain confidence as a woman. I love how this show embraces femininity and the beauty of the female figure. READ MORE