Who is George Gstar?

In a world of social media influencers competing to make an impression, George Gstar is in a league of his own. After following his Instagram and YouTube accounts for a long time, several words come to mind to describe his online presence: extravagant, ambitious, and captivating.

George Gstar

On Instagram, he has an eye for being creative and provocative. One famous shot shows him eating an imaginary meal with cutlery. But the large stacks of cash on his plate are certainly not imaginary. George Gstar’s fortune is very much real, built from his success in industries such as real estate, recycling, trucking, and marketing.

In fact, Gstar’s success in business drives a lot of his content on YouTube, where he posts motivational videos speaking on topics such as entrepreneurship, psychology, and personal success. Of course, it wouldn’t be Gstar without a glimpse into his luxurious lifestyle, as you’ll also see tours of his penthouse and videos of him counting his millions of dollars in cash, just because he can. However, some of the best videos on Gstar’s channel are the ones where his human side shines through, such as the video where he gives his manager an unforgettable present: an $80,000 BMW, completely paid for in cash.

George Gstar’s larger-than-life persona arose from humble beginnings, as he rose up from a troubled childhood full of struggles and violence, including time spent in a juvenile detention program. But against the odds, Gstar earned an education and became a successful businessman. And now, he’s poised to take on his newest challenge: the rap industry.

George Gstar has announced his debut rap single, “Dark World,” which is due to release soon. Gstar developed his rapping skills with the help of Tr3yway’s Billy Ado, who is a friend of his. Gstar has said that his music was influenced by the melodic brand of hip-hop popularized by XXXTentacion. In any case, his music sounds like a fascinating contribution to the world of hip-hop that will appeal to many fans of the genre.

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