Christina Aguilera Paid $10 Million for Third Season of “The Voice”

Although she is coming out of her divorce from Jordan Bratman after six years of marriage, Christina Aguilera is doing very well these days. She recently scored her first number one song in about a decade, and she’s also starring on a hit TV show, “The Voice,” which you may have heard of — it’s apparently the American Idol killer.

But beyond the resurgence of her widespread popularity, news outlets are reporting that the platinum-locked singer has something else, and very big, to cheer: her new salary. It’s being said that Aguilera just signed a contract to continue being a judge on “The Voice,” and that in exchange for the duties of judging and coaching of emerging talent, the singer will be paid $10 million. We’re certain she belted out a few sparkling hallelujahs to herself upon being informed of the agreement.

The Staten Island, NY-born singer has been on an indisputable roll since signing on for the show, and her career is getting refurbished and polished. The cherry on top is that Aguilera also has a new album in the works. Its release date remains uncertain, but many in the business speculate that it will be appearing sometime this year. That which you hear is the sound of long-time X-tina fans applauding the new phase in the golden voiced singer’s life.

Before the $10 million salary announcement, rumor mongers were wagging their tongues about how Christina Aguilera’s “diva demands” had put in jeopardy her assignment as judge and coach on “The Voice.” But the show’s producers must be aware that they have found a winning formula for ending the reign of “American Idol,” even if its current lineup includes the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Besides Levine, country star Blake Shelton, and hit maker Cee-Lo Green are also swivel-chair judges on “The Voice.” For now, the year of the Dragon augurs much success for the singer who was once seen as an underachiever, despite her own spectacular voice and talent.