De Niro Makes Fun Of Himself

Contribution by Jacques Carr

The other night, I caught “Angel Heart” and Robert De Niro on It is more of an old horror noir film, with Mickey Rourke playing a private detective. De Niro plays the main client, and there’s something positively sinister about him. As it turns out, De Niro’s character is the devil, come to collect on deal Rourke made with him. Once “Angel Heart” came to an end, I had problems sleeping and so I channel surfed around idly, landing on “Analyze This!” with Billy Chrystal. That is when something struck me. De Niro has often been called the actor of his generation, but he’s also an actor who knows how to make fun of himself. Plus, “Analyze This!” was not the first time he has ventured off into self parody. His turn as Fearless Leader in “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle” contained him mocking his own most famous line. De Niro is much remembered for brashly saying, “You talking to me?” in “Taxi Driver.” De Niro has reached the later years in his career, but it does not look like he’s letting up either. That is great news for movie lovers.