Kim Kardashian to launch music career… Can she do it?

So the story has been told…Kim Kardashian is going to be a pop star. Who would have ever thought that she would go that far in entertainment? She has a long journey ahead of her and is brave for what she is doing. Who knows, maybe she is testing it out for her self just to see if she can ‘bring it’, or maybe the contract was too good to pass up.

Regardless, Kim Kardashian has a mind of her own and we all hope she doesn’t fall short or get too lazy for the pressure that is about to be brought. The story has just begun but the end result will prove it all. She has to be someone special to the fans out there to buy her album. The only downfall and question to be asked is ‘in the music career, can she do it’. Not everyone that starts in the music industry has enough tenacity to make it, but many will because of the love of money, love, and respect.

Kim has had her very own reality t.v. show but not too many people know of her as far as the entertainment industry (she just all of a sudden became known). Kim Kardashian is a woman with dreams, goals, and desires like the next person who want to be just like her. Her popularity will leave everyone with a yay or a nay. Only time will tell. Sometimes even working for the best of the best is challenging.