Choosing the Best Radio Stations

In online radio, music genres are categorized into internet radio stations where listeners can just pick the station they want to listen to for hours. When streaming online radio, a listener can choose to listen to random genres as much as he wants. However, to give another good option for listeners, internet radio stations were created so that there is only disco internet radio station for pure disco music, jazz radio station for purely jazz, and so on.

Speaking about jazz music, contemporary listeners still pick jazz as a choice of music genre because of its unique Africa-American-European rhythms. It is used for slow dancing, relaxing and “nod heading” mood of listening to music. Jazz is a very popular music genre as it integrates well with other types of music like folk, love song, and bossa nova. However, with its classic fusion with waltz and contemporary music, it makes it hard for people to identify which is jazz and which is not. So in the modern definition of jazz, it has been agreed that it will be defined as swing.

In online radio streaming, the top 40 music is one of the best picks. This plays songs of different genres that made it to top 40 including jazz, country, soft rock, and ballad music. There are different top 40 charts for different radio stations across the globe. All these are accessible online. The top 40 format is more popular in Australia, Canada, the United States and United Kingdom, playing current and periodic popular music as decided by the top 40 music chart.