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The joy of listening to free music

Everyone loves music. Period. There’s no doubt that this assumption holds water especially if one gets a hold of free music through any medium, be it radio, television or even the internet. In regards to the internet, audio albums and singles can be downloaded in matter of minutes just by performing a couple of searches using any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on and so forth.

Music can also be downloaded …

Rap Is In the Air

Rappers Lil Jon and Fat Joe are set to get back in the game, as both have albums ready for release in the next few weeks. Both have had lapses in their careers which they hope will be rectified by their new offerings.

“Crunk Rock” from Lil Jon is the first in six years. His 2004 album “Crunk Juice” has sold over 2.5 million copies. In the intervening time period Lil Jon has had many …

Notable Benefit Concerts

Benefit concerts have always been very popular. Due to the very nature of these concerts, where all proceeds go to helping some worthy cause, people have always flocked to them. Usually the performing artists accept very little in terms of remuneration and most do not accept any payment at all. The largest of these in recent times was the Live 8 concert of 2005. But there have been other notable concerts over the past few …