Five Things You Never Knew About Prince

Article Written by : Fancy That Jewelry Design

Prince was a man of mystery. Unlike hundreds of celebrities, the performer kept his life private. The “Purple One” died on April 21, 2016. Prince left behind a treasure drove of music at his Paisley Park studio. While fans might not be able to listen to his unpublished music for years, they can enjoy the unusual facts that have surfaced about the pop icon since his passing.

  1. When Prince was growing up, his nickname was “Skipper.” Was Prince fond of boats? Did he enjoy skipping down the streets of Minneapolis? Why Prince’s childhood nickname was “Skipper” is as mysterious as the unpronounceable symbol he changed his name to in the 1990s.
  2. Prince was a short guy. However, he had some serious chops on the basketball court. Apparently, Prince gave comedian Charlie Murphy a beat-down in a late night pick-up game in 1985. The “Purple One” also loved Ping-Pong.
  3. Strangely, Prince loved Zooey Deschanel’s hit TV show “The New Girl.” He even starred in a Season 3 episode titled “Prince.”
  4. Prince’s song “When Doves Cry” appeared on his 1984 album “Purple Rain” and was one of his biggest hits. In a 2013 Billboard cover story, Prince told writer Gail Mitchel that he actually kept doves in a white, floor-to-ceiling cage.
  5. Prince doesn’t have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If that isn’t bad enough, the guitar legend doesn’t have a statue in his hometown of Minneapolis either. Chances are that will change now that Prince has passed.