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How to Get and Keep Teeth Like a Celebrity

Protect Your Enamel with Vaseline
Steering Clear of sports drinks, coffee, and other pigmented beverages is an obvious and effective way of protecting your teeth, but if you must have a glass of red wine, remembering a few basic fundamentals can aid in preventing discoloration. Rinsing after every few sips helps, but you should avoid techniques that feel more bothersome than they’re worth. Instead, smooth a thin layer of Vaseline along your teeth before heading …

Who is George Gstar?

In a world of social media influencers competing to make an impression, George Gstar is in a league of his own. After following his Instagram and YouTube accounts for a long time, several words come to mind to describe his online presence: extravagant, ambitious, and captivating.

George Gstar

On Instagram, he has an eye for being creative and provocative. One famous shot shows him eating an imaginary meal with cutlery. But the large stacks of …

Types of Contact Lenses for Actors

Technology has increased greatly over the years, expanding the kinds of things people are capable of doing. Weak vision can now be easily treated with a prescription for eyeglasses, contact lenses, or even LASIK surgery. Standard cases of nearsightedness or farsightedness are, for the most part, conditions that can be remedied by optometrists with relative ease.

The realm of acting is, as you would imagine, a bit different from day-to-day life. An actor is …

4 Really Young Celebs Struggling with Wrinkles

Not ALL celebrities pay close attention to their skin care. Some seem to skip over the basics, not to mention the more elaborate treatments and tricks. Here are a few who really need to catch up in that area.

Cara Delevingne.
This in-demand model has switched over to acting and is one of the stars of Suicide Squad, a highly anticipated superhero film. But despite turning 24 in August 2016, Cara often looks old, with …

The Worst Celebrity Health and Skincare Tips, Ever

We can enjoy their movies and music, even like whatever it is that the Kardashians do that make them famous. But follow their advice on health, diet, beauty and skin care? Well, maybe that’s not such a good idea. Here’s why:

Kitty Litter for Your Face? No!
This tip comes from Snooki, former reality star of Jersey Shore. She claims she uses kitty litter as an exfoliant. First, eww. Second, this would be way too …

Highest Paid Celebrities

Highest Paid Celebrities

donald_trump ryan seacrest Who made more money last year Donald Trump or Ryan Seacrest? Recently the highest paid celebrities list was announced by a popular magazine Forbes. The #1 was no surprise, Oprah Winfrey and the #2 was Michael Jackson's estate. A surprise was at #3 which was AC/DC. READ MORE

Amber Rose’s Secrets To No Stretch Marks

Written by Costbuys

Amber Rose is definitely naturally beautiful. However, she has some must have beauty products and lifestyle habits that she swears by, that keep her stretch marks at bay.

Her workout plan – She says one way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is to get active. She does this by swimming daily, which she says reduces stress and keeps her feeling fit and healthy.

Moisturizer – Amber swears by moisturizing her …

Paris Jackson’s Sudden Attempts of Suicide Shocks the World on Wednesday

Paris Jackson lost her temper, sources say, because she was restricted from going to a Marilyn Manson concert she was looking forward to attending near her area. She reportedly cut her wrists to the point of needing hospitalization on Wednesday in an emotional breakdown. Many suspect an attempted suicide but others justify it as an accident by cutting too deep to release negative emotions.

While her reaction to something so trivial may seem over the …

Paris Jackson Currently Recovering from Wednesday’s Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s beloved daughter was hospitalized on Wednesday for an attempted suicide. A close source to the family says that this behavior of the fifteen year old has gone from beyond normal hormonal episodes and is now venturing into something more serious. The source mentioned that her out-lashes began with kicking and screaming and have escalated to cutting so severe it required hospitalization due to blood loss. Sources say that she is okay …

Roger Daltrey Unveils Chest during 12/12/12 Program, Exciting Twitter

Big names in the music industry joined forces on 12-12-12 for The Concert for Sandy relief at Madison Square Garden in New York. Musicians including Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Eddie Vedder, and Roger Waters all took turns wowing the audience for the victims of the storm; everything was going great until Roger Daltrey unbuttoned his shirt.

Yahoo! News reported that the lead singer of The Who flooded Twitter during his long performance on stage, which …