Paris Jackson Currently Recovering from Wednesday’s Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s beloved daughter was hospitalized on Wednesday for an attempted suicide. A close source to the family says that this behavior of the fifteen year old has gone from beyond normal hormonal episodes and is now venturing into something more serious. The source mentioned that her out-lashes began with kicking and screaming and have escalated to cutting so severe it required hospitalization due to blood loss. Sources say that she is okay and recovering in the hospital.

Although reports say she lost her temper because she was not allowed to go to a Marilyn Manson concert in her area, her attorney says it goes much deeper than that. Her reaction to a trivial circumstance is due to her loneliness and loss of her father a few years ago. June 25th marks the fourth anniversary of her father’s death, making it understandable that she feels like she is in so much pain. Her attorney states that she was the center of Michael’s world and now she feels unloved.

Being exposed to all the accusations of drug use and child molestation was traumatizing for the Paris and her two brothers Prince and Blanket. Witnessing their father dead in his bed may be the most shocking thing to happen in their lives to date. Apparently this attempt was not her first, and her family is becoming increasingly worried. However, in this instance, she is physically fine and spending time with her family. Any more questions were politely dismissed by the family’s lawyers, saying that respect for privacy should be paramount.