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Celebrity Hair Fashions

Article Written by : Luxury Body Jewelry

Kate Beckinsale recently changed her dark hair to blonde; it’s still worn in the same style. She was spotted while on vacation.

Lauren Conrad changed her hair so that it’s darker and shorter, with a little more curl. She displayed this new look at a Covergirl event. Kristin Ess, Lauran’s hair stylist, stated that she was tired of her blonde color and was inspired by the looks of …

Celebrity Makeup Tips

Article by Daniel Zarokian of Danie’s Beauty Salon Blog

Have you ever wondered why celebrities always look so great on the red carpet? Celebrity make up stylist have tips and tricks that can help with our every day looks. One of the best tips that celebrity make up artists give is to start with a fresh clean palate. This means that your face should be clean and free of any make up residue that it …

Check out some online radio stations

Everybody loves to listen to the radio. Whether you’re out driving, on a picnic, taking a jog or you’re even at work radio keeps you company.Mp3 players can do the same thing, but paying for the music is a little expensive. Online radio stations represent a great alternative to this problem.

The two biggest problems with normal terrestrial radio is that

  • 1. They function on frequencies and you can go out of range of these

The phenomenon of internet radio

Almost all of us grew up listening to the radio, no matter which country you live in. Whether it was educational stuff or in a talk show format or even the most popular reason for its very existence: music, one will always find that its influence was common to older generations before the advent of television.

Along the lines of the word ‘influence’, gospel music hailing from more traditional times to its contemporary version is …

The joy of listening to free music

Everyone loves music. Period. There’s no doubt that this assumption holds water especially if one gets a hold of free music through any medium, be it radio, television or even the internet. In regards to the internet, audio albums and singles can be downloaded in matter of minutes just by performing a couple of searches using any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on and so forth.

Music can also be downloaded …

The Attack of the Bieber Clones

The Attack of the Bieber Clones

Article Written by : Beauty Supply Online

Popularity comes in many ways for celebrities, but very few have managed to have a hairstyle mania. Of those even fewer have had a hairstyle named after them. Several years ago “The Rachel” was made popular by Jennifer Aniston and now it’s “The Bieber”!

Thousands of teenage boys are descending in salons demanding for the Bieber hairstyle. Some of them don’t particularly care for the Canadian recording artist …

Volcanic Mss

Eyjafjallajokull sounds like it could be the name of a thrash or death metal band, however it is actually the name of a volcano. The havoc caused by the aforementioned volcano has affected many industries including the music industry.

Many events connected to the entertainment industry have had to suffer cancellations due to the volcano. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, has run into trouble as many European artists are unable to make it …

Music Talent Shows: The Idol Series

The enormously popular Idol series is a spinoff of the show Pop Idol and is found in slightly differing formats in 42 territories. Created by Simon Fuller, the show has captured the imagination and dreams of millions around the world.
The format of the show is as following:

One host (sometimes two) is responsible for directing the show, introducing the contestants and also announcing the results. A panel of Judges is responsible for offering critique …

Top Selling American Idol Contestants

American Idol is a ratings juggernaut and a household name. The show has, over the years, produced many recording artists but strangely enough, the successful ones have not necessarily been the winners or the runner ups.

Chris Daughtry is perhaps the most famous of these having finished in fourth place in season five. Soon after dropping out of the show he went on to form a band called Daughtry of which he was lead vocalist. …

Notable Benefit Concerts

Benefit concerts have always been very popular. Due to the very nature of these concerts, where all proceeds go to helping some worthy cause, people have always flocked to them. Usually the performing artists accept very little in terms of remuneration and most do not accept any payment at all. The largest of these in recent times was the Live 8 concert of 2005. But there have been other notable concerts over the past few …