The phenomenon of internet radio

Almost all of us grew up listening to the radio, no matter which country you live in. Whether it was educational stuff or in a talk show format or even the most popular reason for its very existence: music, one will always find that its influence was common to older generations before the advent of television.

Along the lines of the word ‘influence’, gospel music hailing from more traditional times to its contemporary version is listened to for inspiration and for some folks, it is matter of listening solely to this form of music as it is a part and parcel of their life in matters of devotion.

Musicians such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Bob Fitts, the Bill Gaither Trio, the Imperials and so on and so forth mark the transition of music from praise and worship music to its contemporary form that has seemingly jumped into mainstream music.

Jazz music has also come a long way with radio stations playing every form of jazz that has been played from the earliest times until now. Popular forms of jazz continue to be smooth jazz both in its instrumental and vocal form.

And now with the phenomenon of internet radio, no matter where one lives, you can get access to different genres of music for free.