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Highest Paid Celebrities

Highest Paid Celebrities

donald_trump ryan seacrest Who made more money last year Donald Trump or Ryan Seacrest? Recently the highest paid celebrities list was announced by a popular magazine Forbes. The #1 was no surprise, Oprah Winfrey and the #2 was Michael Jackson's estate. A surprise was at #3 which was AC/DC. READ MORE

Top Music Artists of 2011

adeleBillboard recently released the year end charts of 2011. Below we bring you the top 10 artists of 2011 as published by them. The rankings are based on Top 200 weekly chart performance of their songs. [READ MORE]

Haley Reinhart leaves American Idol

In this weeks Ameircan Idol the Top 3 contestants faced off each other. In the running were Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. [...]

Lady Gaga Stopped Taking Drugs When She Was 20

DJ lady starlight, one of Lady Gaga’s best friends, revealed that the star had left drugs and partying behind at the age of 20, when they both met.Although Gaga projects an image that screams wild craziness, the star is so focused on her career that she has little or no time for romance and boyfriends, said Starlight when she was interviewed by the British Daily Mirror.The DJ mentioned that Gaga and she were always into …

Lady Gaga named Billboard’s ‘Rising Star’

Lady Gaga was honoured as Billboards ‘Rising Star’ at the trade publication’s annual Women in Music event last week. She was honoured along with Beyonce on Friday, who was named ‘Woman of the Year’.The already famous Lady Gaga’s debut CD ‘The Fame’ sold over one million copies since its release last year. She has had two No.1 singles with ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Poker Face’. November 2009 will see Lady Gaga kicking off a joint tour …