Lady Gaga Stopped Taking Drugs When She Was 20

DJ lady starlight, one of Lady Gaga’s best friends, revealed that the star had left drugs and partying behind at the age of 20, when they both met.Although Gaga projects an image that screams wild craziness, the star is so focused on her career that she has little or no time for romance and boyfriends, said Starlight when she was interviewed by the British Daily Mirror.The DJ mentioned that Gaga and she were always into making sure that they stole their audience’s attention with their crazy outfits, but since most of their outfits were put together with glue they never lasted an entire show.Gaga has always been one to want to steal her fans attention and has been heard commenting on her “mind blowing, irresponsible, condom less sex” life and that she prefers male sexuality. In early 2009 a rumour started that the star said that she was a “Hermaphrodite”. Although these rumours may have made a lot of other stars uneasy, Gaga did not care. When interviewed about this rumour she said “I’m an accomplished musician and I’d much rather talk about my fans and my music than a silly rumour”.The pop dance music singer who is known for unique music, theatrical performances and creative dress first captured the attention of Akon who signed her on his own label Kon Live Distribution. The star’s very first album was released in 2008 called famed, which included the two chart toppers “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”.