How to Get and Keep Teeth Like a Celebrity

Protect Your Enamel with Vaseline
Steering Clear of sports drinks, coffee, and other pigmented beverages is an obvious and effective way of protecting your teeth, but if you must have a glass of red wine, remembering a few basic fundamentals can aid in preventing discoloration. Rinsing after every few sips helps, but you should avoid techniques that feel more bothersome than they’re worth. Instead, smooth a thin layer of Vaseline along your teeth before heading out for drinks. This will protect enamel from unwanted contact. Leave it on for as long as you like, and after you return home, use an electric tooth brush to remove residue.

Have Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

You’ve probably heard it a few hundred times by now, but nothing is better for you teeth than a quality Glendora dentist. Scheduling a professional check-up and cleaning every six months (if for no other reason than to ensure your tooth enamel remains intact) cannot be overstated.

Clean with Peroxide

Whitening products containing a moderate concentration of peroxide can quickly whitening your teeth. On top of that, a Glendora CA dental expert can offer treatments that employ the use professional products as well as helpful techniques, such as UV light, which enhances the effectiveness of peroxide.

Many people believe maintaining white teeth requires methods that are accessible only to the rich and famous. While the fact that celebrities can afford high-quality treatments and products is true, finding a Glendora holistic dental care specialist can also be invaluable.

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