Highest Paid Celebrities

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Who made more money last year Donald Trump or Ryan Seacrest? Recently the highest paid celebrities list was announced by a popular magazine Forbes. The #1 was no surprise, Oprah Winfrey at $315 Million and the #2 was Michael Jackson‘s estate. A surprise was at #3 which was AC/DC. However, another surprising thing was that Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol and KIIS FM talk show, beat Donald Trump by making $51 million last year, while Donald Trump made $50 million.

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z did pretty well too. Beyonce made $87 million while Jay-Z made $63 million. Lady Gaga made $62 Million.

Dr. Phil McGraw made $80 million while another talk-show host, Chelsea Handler, made $19 Million.

As far as actors, Charlie Sheen was highest paid TV actor at $30 Million, while Sandra Bullock was highest paid female actress at $56 million. Robert Pattinson made $27.5 Million and co-star Kristen Stewart made $28.5 million.

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