The Attack of the Bieber Clones

Article Written by : Beauty Supply Online

Popularity comes in many ways for celebrities, but very few have managed to have a hairstyle mania. Of those even fewer have had a hairstyle named after them. Several years ago “The Rachel” was made popular by Jennifer Aniston and now it’s “The Bieber”!

Thousands of teenage boys are descending in salons demanding for the Bieber hairstyle. Some of them don’t particularly care for the Canadian recording artist or his music, but love the hair. Of course the main reason for this is “girls like Justin Bieber, so I must have hair like him!”

According to Salon owner Ramsey Sayah, the demand has been growing steadily. He described the haircut as similar to those sported by surfers who never really bothered to cut their hair. However, he did say that “The Bieber” needed a lot of work, like “texturizing” and using a razor to get the final wispy look.

Bieber is (obviously) very popular with his female fans, unfortunately he may be a bit too popular. After posting a picture of him and Kim Kardashian on the net, he jokingly commented on it calling Kardashian his “girlfriend”. Within minutes Kardashian was swamped with “death Tweets”, which prompted her to call Bieber and complain. Bieber went online and pacified the girls using just the line “Ladies, calm down”.

Bieber’s hair is also the focus of the new teaser trailer for MTV’s new show – “The Diary of Justin Bieber”. Currently, sixteen year old Bieber is riding high on the charts with Eenie Meenie.