Paris Jackson’s Sudden Attempts of Suicide Shocks the World on Wednesday

Paris Jackson lost her temper, sources say, because she was restricted from going to a Marilyn Manson concert she was looking forward to attending near her area. She reportedly cut her wrists to the point of needing hospitalization on Wednesday in an emotional breakdown. Many suspect an attempted suicide but others justify it as an accident by cutting too deep to release negative emotions.

While her reaction to something so trivial may seem over the top and attention seeking to some, her attorney empathetically argues that this is merely the straw that broke the camel’s back along with a slew of other problems building up to this incident. She says that Paris is lonely and sad since her father’s death almost exactly four years ago. The anniversary of his death is the 25th of June, making it a tumultuous time of year for her. She was the center of her father’s world and now she no longer has him to be there for her.

Her behavior began as normal teenage out-lashes of kicking and screaming and have escalated to something far more serious. And a close family source says she doesn’t believe it’s going to get better any time soon. Her cutting this time became so severe that it required hospitalization to keep her alive.

Some say being exposed to the relentless accusations against her father including child molestation and drug abuse made the world a frightening place for her. Witnessing her father dead in his bed was probably the single most traumatic moment in her life. She has been acting as a mother figure to her to her brothers Prince and Blanket and the stress has just become too much. When asked about further details, their attorney politely explained that it was best to leave the family to their privacy so Paris can recover.