Types of Contact Lenses for Actors

Technology has increased greatly over the years, expanding the kinds of things people are capable of doing. Weak vision can now be easily treated with a prescription for eyeglasses, contact lenses, or even LASIK surgery. Standard cases of nearsightedness or farsightedness are, for the most part, conditions that can be remedied by optometrists with relative ease.

The realm of acting is, as you would imagine, a bit different from day-to-day life. An actor is required to be able to change how they behave and look to play the role of a different character. Having to essentially change who you are on screen is a difficult task that requires the use of different techniques to make the character the audience sees believable.

Standard Use

Perhaps the most obvious kind of contacts an actor may need are the standard contacts online or from your optometrist. If you have trouble focusing your eyes you should invest in lenses that can allow you to move around the set. Anything that can make you more physically comfortable on set will help bring out your best performances.


Stores like Lens.com offer a variety of contact types. 1-Day Acuvue Define lenses are limbus-enhancing, which means that they emphasize the division between the white section of the eye and the colored region, just outside of the pupil. This can give someone’s eyes a more dramatic and intense look, which can be particularly noticeable during close-up shots.

Alternatively, colored lenses can give your actor different eye colors, such as blue or even red.