Two American Idol Contestants Go Home

thia naima american idol
Last week at the American Idol show two constants wee sent home, instead of one, due to judges saving one contestant the week before. Read who went home and see if America got it right.

The two that went home were Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo. The contestants had performed Elton John covers. Naima did a reggae rendiation of “I am still standing”, that I personally thought was not that bad and voted for her, so I was surprised to see her go. I think even tough she got booted early, she may have a successful career, as she has the voice, looks and she is a great performer with her dance moves. 16-year-old Thia was the yougest remaining contestant.

The pair did several interviews after the show, including “Regies and Kelly.” Both said they would not have done anything differently. Thia also added that she sang the song to her brother, so she had many emotions while singing.