The Red Bull Music Academy

The RBMA (The Red Bull Music Academy) started as a DJ event, and has now grown to bring together music of all genres and facets worldwide. Torstein Schmidt and Christopher Romberg are the founders of Red Bull Music Academy, an international Event for musicians that takes place once a year. RBMA is an excellent opportunity for DJs, singers, musicians, arrangers, and new producers to learn more about music from the top industry experts.

Every year, the event is held in different cities. The working of the RBMA is as follows: A demo CD of their work has to be prepared by all the applicants. Along with this CD, an application questionnaire has to be completed and sent to the RBMA offices located in Germany. The applications will be process, and no special consideration or quota will be enjoyed by any musical genre or country. In the last step, they select the 60 best tracks. It is then broken into two different groups of 30 each, which will then be used during the final event. The event usually lasts for a fortnight.

Workshops and Stages are also hosted by the RBMA at some of the world’s famous music festivals like Winter Music Conference, Oxegen, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Sonar, Monegros desert Festival, and Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival Notting Hill Carnival and Melt. Apart from this, every year local workshop sessions are also hosted by RMBA in more than 50 countries. These sessions includes studio sessions, couch conversations, art exhibitions, hands-on production workshops, club events and concerts. The focus will be on international as well as local topics and all these events are usually open to the public