The Importance of Sound Treatment on Film Sets

Article by The Foam Factory

Most people can recognize the benefits of sound proofing foam for recording studios and music-related projects, but are you aware of the ways acoustic foam can help you make a film? When you’re watching a film, muddled audio can ruin your immersion and make it harder to understand the dialogue. Every good filmmaker knows that every piece of dialogue is crucial for revealing characters’ motivations or advancing the plot. For the sake of the story you want to tell, you have to make sure you have clear, uninterrupted audio from your film set.

One easy way to boost the sound quality of your on-set audio is by using acoustic foam. As you may have read, acoustic foam absorbs echoes by providing a porous, resistant material that does not reflect sound waves like flat surfaces. Instead, it reduces their amplitude and converts their excess energy into heat. Acoustic foam makes sound clearer without eliminating it completely, which is ideal for movie sets where you still need enough volume to pick up audio.  

In music recording studios, acoustic foam panels are hidden in plain sight. You can clearly see them arranged in unique, eye-catching patterns on the studio’s walls. However, depending on a scene’s setting, you may not be able to show acoustic foam panels on screen. Luckily, if you have built a set in a sound studio, you can hide your acoustic panels off-screen, or you can paint acoustic panels so that they fit in with the set’s aesthetic. Acoustic ceiling tiles work great for movie sets since they can easily be hidden outside the shot. If you’re planning on-location shooting outdoors, you may need to use moving blankets as sound absorbers, since you can’t just attach acoustic foam panels to flat surfaces when you’re outdoors.

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