The Breakdown on Indie Films: What Separates Them From Hollywood?

Summary: Indie films are small-scale movies that have the potential to garner global attention.

Major Hollywood movies are all the rage, but they’re not perfect by any means. Independent films, or indie films, are produced completely outside of a major studio system – meaning less exposure, lower budget, and a smaller audience. Furthermore, they’re produce and distributed by independent entertainment agencies.

Low Budget, Low Quality?

Indie films have a considerably lower budget than studio films, and the marketing is typically characterized by limited release. However, just because a film doesn’t have billions to work with doesn’t mean it can’t be a successful hidden gem. There are some indie films that do have large marketing campaigns and wider releases, but that only occurs if the production house has a large budget.

Where They’re Shown

Local, national, and international film festivals are held to showcase many indie films before their theatrical release. Much of the hype and excitement stems from these festivals throwing praise, or shade, at the film itself. It allows the public to see something outside of what the major studios are filming. It is true that some indie films can actually compete with mainstream films if backed up with proper funding and distribution. A solid example would be the Twilight Saga series. Much of the budgeting comes from outside sources. It’s been seen before and will undoubtedly happen again.

The Bottom Line

Indie films are a great alternative to the mainstream Hollywood flicks that litter the theaters. Novice filmmakers take a chance on showing their talent to the world without fear of global backlash. Rather, it’s a type of film that can make or break a career for actors and directors – many big-name actors and actresses started out in the indie film scene.