“So You Think You Can Dance” Has Established Itself as a Television Favorite

The popular dance-based show has won the hearts of millions during its tenure.

The hit television show, “So You Think You Can Dance” has infectiously captured the attention of viewers for the past decade. Its stylistic approach to pop-culture choreography mixed with its flavorful cast has supercharged the world of television.

The Appeal Factor

The acknowledgment of modern-day culture, and references, appeals to today’s audience. It not only identifies a targeted audience to reach out to, but it intertwines everything that makes a watchable TV show actually likeable – even with all its “corniness”.

The song choices are typically the “hottest”, and most mainstream, tracks that are currently being circulated around all the pop radio stations. You know the songs, the ones that you hear on average about four to five times a day. But what’s interesting about SYTYCD is that these repetitious tracks become unique once their fit into the choreography. You’re almost forced to like them. Maybe it’s because of the brilliant visual representation that’s being displayed by these enthusiastic dancers.

Market Value

Steve Doctrow, Executive Vice President of Rogers & Cowan, was affiliated with the hit FOX series and numerous other entertainment clients. Doctrow understands these TV shows have massive potential to reach viewers from all around the world. It not only caters to viewers interested in dancing but to the general audience as well due to the pop-culture references and entertainment value.

What started out as a small-time dance experiment transformed into a beloved hit show that’s going on its thirteenth season. It has inspired a countless number of aspiring dancers to pursue their passion and provided something different to the television industry.