Pia Toscano got elimated from American Idol but gets record deal

In a shocking episode of American Idol last week, the favorite “Pia Toscano” got eliminated. Pia who performed mostly slow songs, such as Celine Dion’s songs, had amazed the judges and viewers with her voice and talent. Most people thought she was the top contender to win it all this year, but maybe that is why they did not vote for her. Judges were even shocked that she got eliminated.

After her elimination on Thursday night, Interscope records was quick to reach her and offer a recording contract. Interscope is said to be looking for top writers to put an album for her quickly, while she is hot.

I personally think that she was the best one this year in American Idol and even tough she came in 7th place, she will go on to be bigger than all the other contestants this year and she may be one of the best Idol ever had.