Music Talent Shows: The Idol Series

The enormously popular Idol series is a spinoff of the show Pop Idol and is found in slightly differing formats in 42 territories. Created by Simon Fuller, the show has captured the imagination and dreams of millions around the world.
The format of the show is as following:

One host (sometimes two) is responsible for directing the show, introducing the contestants and also announcing the results. A panel of Judges is responsible for offering critique and advice as well as pruning the list of hopefuls who audition for the show. Usually there are three judges on the panel but sometimes this can increase up to five. Auditions are held all over the country in pre-declared locations, with contestants numbering in thousands lining up to display their talents. The judges review their abilities and based on an internal vote, advance them to the next round. Usually the total number sent to the next round numbers around 300.

The next round known as the theatre round is split into three sections. In the first section, they are split into groups of 10 who perform together as a chorus group; in section two they split into trios or quartets that choreograph and perform a song; in the third and final section they perform solo in a cold or A Capella round.

After the theatre round, the contestants are further pruned to 18 or 50 depending on the format used by the country and they are then put into another round of pruning based on talent or straight on to the live TV shows. This is where the judge’s powers are trimmed down and they no longer have the power to send anyone home. That decision now solely rests with the country’s voting population. Every week the country votes for their favorite singers. Contestants with the lowest number of votes are sent home.

This continues until there are only two contestants left and a grand finale where the contestant with the most votes is crowned the winner.