Mike Read’s Entire Record Collection to be Auctioned

Mike Read 62, who is a radio veteran and who has won a number of “Broadcaster of the year awards”, is forced to sell his entire record collection. Read was declared bankrupt for the second time this year by Colchester Court in Essex due to unpaid taxes.Read who was a popular radio DJ in the 1980’s on Radio One is said to have attracted over 17 million listeners. The radio DJ started his career in 1976 by co hosting a show on Reading’s radio 210. His popularity grew when he joined BBC radio in 1978, where he presented a night time programme. Once his popularity grew Read was offered the Breakfast Show on which he decided on air not to play the Franke Goes to Hollywood single “relax”. This was due to the fact that he believed that the song’s lyrics were obscene. Read currently works for an internet radio station called Wight FM.The auction which is said to take place at Chiswick Auction House will include 120,000 rare vinyls, which are said to fetch an estimated value of 1 million pounds. The collection includes rare tracks from artists like Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Buddy Holly and Sir Cliff Richard to name a few. According to a valuation agent Hugh Thomson said “This is proving to be one of the defining vinyl collections and is easily the most exciting to come on the market in years”.