Massage Tables and Beds

For an establishment that does skin care, facial chairs should be part of the standard equipment. If the spa is to display the style and comfort customers expect, and deliver a superior experience to its clients, attractive functional facial tables with quality materials and construction are a must. Although Spa equipment is the probably the last thing a customer thinks about when he or she visits a masseuse or a therapist, for a beauty treatment or a relaxing or therapeutic massage. Nevertheless good quality equipment makes the customers experience more enjoyable, and it also makes the beautician or massage therapists work much easier.

The best spa furniture and esthetic furniture is not merely comfortable, but  balances that comfort with firmness. This is achieved through a multi layered cushioning system that supports the client while he or she is getting their massage;  massage tables  designed in this way offer state of the art adjustability and stability for both the client and the therapist. Because they need to be adjustable, massage tables should be user friendly as well, not something one normally thinks of in connection with furniture. But a variety of stationary and lift systems are available, and electric tables are the state of the art as far as ease of use is concerned. ‘

Of course, not just tables, but massage beds  are available with same quality construction and materials, exhibiting the same mix of comfort and firmness necessary to a good client experience, and the same ease of use.