Kylie Minogue, “Locomotion” Star Back on Track

Twenty three years on since she hit the charts with her cover of “Loco-Motion”, Kylie Minogue is still going strong. The pint sized pop star is all set to reign on the charts as her new album “Aphrodite” hits the stores on July 6th.

If you are looking for sensuous ballads, look elsewhere. Kylie is sticking to the catchy, pop song, dance floor dominators that have brought her the most success. The twelve tracks on the album have already received excellent reviews from the BBC, which called it “pure Kylie Magic”, and The Telegraph, which gave it a four star rating.

The Australian singing sensation has constantly re-invented herself over the years and always maintained a sexy and sultry image. Constantly in the shadow of the Queen of Pop – Madonna, Kylie has always challenged for the title but never really attained it. But it is a testament to her will and inner strength that she has persisted so long and that too through her arduous battle with Cancer. She recently made an appearance at a music festival held in Glastonbury, the first one since she was diagnosed with the deadly ailment five years ago.

Minogue has managed to corner Producer Stuart Price, the most sought after man these days, for this album. Price was behind Madonna’s 2005 smash hit album “Confessions on a Dancefloor”. The album is not only seen as a revival of Minogue’s career, but is also a lifeline for the EMI Group which has seen hard times lately.