Jennifer Lopez debuts new video on American Idol

On last Thursday American Idol, Jennifer Lopez, who seats as a judge this season, debuted her latest video “On the Floor” co-performed with Pitbull. The song will be on J-Lo’s upcoming album called “Love.”

The song has also hit #9 on Billboard, the first time J-Lo has been in Top 10 since 2003’s #1 track “All I have.”

Dressed in a glittery, gold outfit, Lopez is seen in several long shots, dangling lazily on a couch. Between shots of the Miami rapper, the video returns to scenes of Lopez dressed in a sexy, skintight catsuit dancing in front of a gold cardio barre.

One strange thing that stood out to me when I was listening to the song was that part of the singing in one section of the song sounded like the song “Lambada” from the 90s’s. I wonder if they got permission to copy that melody or if we are looking to have another lawsuit soon.

Below you can see the full video. Go ahead and compare it to “Lambada” which is also posted right after.