Jani Lane, Lead Singer of 80’s Band Warrant Dies

Jani Lane, the lead singer of heavy metal 80s music band Warrant has been found dead in a motel by Police. The cause of death has not been determined yet, but there were pills and alcohol found in the hotel room. It is also not clear why Jani was in a hotel room. He has had problems with alcoholism and was arrested for drunk driving a few years ago.

Vicky Oswald-Ley, Jani’s sister said: “Alcoholism is not something he chose. It’s something he fought everyday and it just won. There were no drugs, that was one thing he could not tolerate, he couldn’t stand them. He did not do drugs. We don’t have the autopsy report back yet, but he was a heavy drinker and I can only guess that alcoholism has a lot to do with it.”

Jani was 47 year old. His body was found in Woodland Hills Comfort Inn hotel. Initial autopsy results were inclusive and toxicology results are pending

Warrant became famous in the 80’s with the hits “Heaven” and “Cherry Pie.”