George Michael to go on tour and do a new album

george michael
George Michael announced that he will do a new European tour and release a new album soon. The new album will be a “gay collective” as he puts it and he is looking to collabrate with gay artists or gay friendly artists. Some of the songs on the album will be ang by him and some by others, possibly new young gay artists.

George also announced tat he will do a 47 date European tour with an orchestra. It will be called “Symphonica — The Orchestral Tour.”

100 million records worldwide — has a long history with drugs and scrapes with the law.

Michael sais: “In terms of staying on the straight and narrow, then there’s nothing better than work that you love, so I thought I should tour sooner rather than later, to keep that impetus, to keep driving me to take care of myself and to appreciate what I have.”

George Michael also feels he has let gay children down by being a bad role model and he wants to make it up to them in the new album.