Elvis: The Various forms of Entertainment

He is still The King of Rock and Roll. Despite being dead for over 40 years, Elvis Presely lives on as one of the greatest entertainers of all time–and one of the most profitable dead celebrates. Elvis’ popularity spanned throughout the 50s and 60s where several groups got their start, such as the Rolling Stones and The Doors. While “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” from the Out of Our Heads Rolling Stones vinyl drove to the top of the charts in 60s, Elvis was turning up his own musical lyrics and solidifying his place in the music hall-of-fame. His death shocked the world, but his legacy lives on as one of the most recognizable dead celebrities, and one of the largest sources of entertainment for audiences.

Elvis Impersonators

Elvis may not be alive, but people continue to pay tribute to him as impersonators. They copy his hairstyle; they glue on fake sideburns; they even mimic his talk. Impersonators make a living providing entertainment to hundreds of people, from tribute concerts to Elvis look-alike. There are even websites dedicated to Elvis impersonators, allowing users the chance to hire local impersonators in their area. Impersonators will sing at your birthday party, or act as an extra for your movie. While not all impersonators will look exactly like The King , but they do try their best to match his hairstyle, voice and fashion sense.

Elvis Weddings

“Get Married by Elvis” reads the sign. Yes, Las Vegas keeps the legacy of The King very much alive by allowing tourists to get married in Vegas by The King himself. The wedding packages differ from casino to casino, but Elvis will read your vows, and serve as a witness in your wedding. While the idea may seem a bit cheesy, you can take photos with Elvis, and even have him sing to you. An Elvis wedding may not be for everyone, but he remains a prominent figure in the desert oasis known as Vegas.

Tribute Concerts

The largest form of entertainment produced by The King remains in the form of tribute concerts. Most impersonators can look like Elvis, but not many can sing like him. Tribute concerts pay homage to Elvis, singing classics from him storied career. Each Elvis tribute concert is different, but they all try to recreate his energy and provide entertainment for anyone willing to listen.


Serving as the Mecca for Elvis fans, Graceland continues to be a large success. You can listen to classic Elvis Presley vinyl tracks, and even purchase Elvis memorabilia. The Graceland mansion allows tourist an opportunity to see where Elvis lived, reliving his most treasured memories and tales. Located in Memphis, the Graceland mansion continues as a popular tourist attraction for any Elvis fan.

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