Considering a Career in Entertainment Law? Be Prepared to Flex Your Versatility

If you’re looking into entertainment law, you’ll want a solid understanding of the day-to-day activities, responsibilities, and more. This article will cover every aspect, so you can be a prepared attorney that’s ready to take on the legal world.

A normal day in the life of an entertainment lawyer, like Barry K. Rothman, a famed attorney, involves performing a variety of tasks. You’ll be negotiating and drafting production contracts with clients, working on financial agreements for sponsorships and investments, and trying to outshine the other attorneys in your field. You’ll essentially be working your “behind” off to get to the place that you’ll want to be.


Becoming an entertainment lawyer involves understanding a variety of legal concepts across different subject areas such as labor and entertainment law. You’re not just limited to one field, you need to remember this. You’ll also be working on the more nontraditional aspects of the entertainment industry like commenting on pitches for movies, shows, and short films. And, the list doesn’t end there.

Choosing a Sector to Specialize in

Yes, entertainment law does involve a variety of different sectors. For example, attorneys that are working with artists will specialize within the music field, and so on. If you’re searching for an attorney, take a look at Barry K. Rothman reviews on the BBB and you’ll see why the people trust him.

Now, depending on the type of project that you’re handling, entertainment lawyers will spend a great deal of time on the phone or emailing clients – you’re basically trying to get your name out there as much as you can. Be prepared to always stay on top of your game – as others will try to take your spot.