Company Spotlight: Studio Center

Few production companies have what it takes to produce a commercial from script to final product. But leading video and audio production company Studio Center, does. Based in Norfolk, Virginia, Studio Center was founded by Warren Miller, and after 38 years and over 300,000 commercials the company was sold to William “Woody” Prettyman and Sunshine Wireless, Inc. Despite new ownership, the company continues to produce over 10,000 commercials annually for clients such as A&E, AOL, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Victoria’s Secret and the Washington Post.

So what’s so special about Studio Center? While most video production companies specialize in only one aspect of the commercial-making process, Studio Center offers a complete suite of services that run the gamut from casting assistance to motion graphics. Thus, instead of having to contract several different companies, clients can trust one company to handle the entire project and, most importantly, do a great job at it. Studio Center can provide clients with a full crew as well as a list of “extra” services, including voice actors, music clearance, script translation, script writing, copywriting and union signatory. There’s really no limit to what these guys can do. They can even write original music, or jingles for your commercial. So if you’re in the market for a video production company, check out Studio Center. The company has studios in Las Vegas, Memphis, New York, Richmond and Santa Monica.