Charice Debuts on Glee, Gets Botox

The hit Filipino singer Charice states that she is ready for “Glee”, one of the most popular TV shows to date which is aired on Fox TV. In preparation for her debut, she is undergoing Botox procedure and an anti-aging process which she claims is for her to “look fresh on camera.” But the teenager’s publicist that the procedure was not meant for cosmetic purposes but for muscle pain. The popular Filipino singer who was gifted with a soothing voice, and has recently launched her debut album, witnessed her career path skyrocket when she appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s and Ellen DeGeneres’ talk shows.

The singer was said to have undergone the procedure – a half-hour Thermage (a skin tightening process) and some Botox injections to narrow her “naturally round face”, as stated by cosmetic surgeon and celebrity Vicki Belo during her interview with ABS-CBN television. But the publicist of Charice, Liz Rosenberg wrote an email stating that the procedure was not done for cosmetic purposes but for the muscle pain the singer was experiencing in her jaw, despite the fact that cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo did the procedure with the cameras rolling. In that same interview, however, Charice said that the Botox she got was a part of her preparation for her debut on “Glee” season 2. The singer will start filming at the end of July. Charice felt very thankful and blessed when she auditioned for the show mid-June and got accepted for the role. She said she is proud to be part of the show and she is proud to be a Filipino.