Celebrity Makeup Tips

Article by Daniel Zarokian of Danie’s Beauty Salon Blog

Have you ever wondered why celebrities always look so great on the red carpet? Celebrity make up stylist have tips and tricks that can help with our every day looks. One of the best tips that celebrity make up artists give is to start with a fresh clean palate. This means that your face should be clean and free of any make up residue that it may have on it. The way you clean your face is just as important. Using mild face cleaner is the best route to go, especially if you have sensitive or acne prone skin.

If you wish you had fuller looking lips but don’t want to fill them with collagen is to exfoliate your lips with a wet wash cloth in a horizontal pattern. This will help with exfoliation and temporarily plump your lips. If you have always wanted the natural appearing flush that appears on many celebrity women one way to get it is to apply a sheer liquid foundation on top of a cream blush base.

Celebrities often have some of the most sought after eye make up looks, if you have fair skin and think that a smoky eye color is too dark, try one of the secrets that make up artists like to use. Instead of darker shadow use a golden hue and grey eyeliner this makes a sexy subtle look.

One of the best tips celebrity make up artists give is to find a celebrity that has a style or look that you like and try copy it, it make take a lot of practice but that is what makes perfect.