A Couple Of Actresses You May Not Know Wear Contacts

While sometimes you might look at an actress and think that they must be pretty much perfect, actresses have flaws of their own just like the rest of us do. However, they have perfected the art of covering up any flaws that they might have.

One of the ways that they do this is by wearing contact lenses instead of wearing glasses. This is something that even you can easily do for cheaper than you might think if you choose to get discount contact lenses.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has not only played a lead role in several movies over the years, but she has also has been in several different publications that have ranked her as one of the sexist actresses of today. This is no surprise considering how good she looks, but part of the reason why she can look as good as she does is that she wears contact lenses instead of wearing glasses.

This lets her smooth facial features be clearly seen instead of being hidden behind a pair of rims. Even if you are not the beauty that Jessica Alba is, you can still use contact lenses as a way of showing your face without hiding your eyes from view. Lens.com is a great place to go that can offer you just the lenses you need to make sure that you eyes can shine out clearly and allow people to better see what color they actually are.

Anne Hathaway

While Anne Hathaway will perhaps remain the best known actress due to her part in the Princess Diaries, she has played on other movies more recently that are just as good as those are. In fact, her roles in varies movies has made her one of the best paid actresses in Hollywood for more than one year.

All this acting plus a husband and family keeps her on the go. Wearing contacts that she does not have to worry about breaking helps her to keep up with the pace and she is rarely seen with glasses on no matter what the occasion might be. In fact, outside of the first Princess Diaries movie very few people have likely ever seen her in glasses at all. But really, can you picture hard it would be to star in the movies she has played in without wearing contacts?