50 Cent Heats Up SMS Audio Booth at CES 2012

What do you get when you cross one of the hottest pieces of audio technology with one of the world’s biggest music superstars? If you were at CES 2012 in Las Vegas recently, you’d know the answer: a big commotion. That’s what happened when rap star 50 Cent appeared at the SMS Audio booth during the show to meet with fans and promote his new company’s high-end headphones.

According to SMS Audio, their new standard and wireless headphones were designed in part by 50 Cent. The rapper apparently had a hand in designing how the headphones look and perform. From personal experience, I can tell you that he seems to have done a great job on both ends. The headphones look sharp, with a sleek look that is modern and sharp without being tacky. The sound quality from the headphones is top-notch, with tones that will meet the discriminating ears of the strictest audiophile or working musician. With a price tag of $299 and $399, the headphones are worth the cost if you love music.

50 Cent wasn’t the only celebrity appearing at the SMS Audio booth during the show. “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D was also on-hand, appearing with 50 Cent during the show to help officially launch the headphones. But there’s no question that 50 Cent was the main draw. If the goal of bringing him on-board was for SMS Audio to reach out to a young, hip demographic, they succeeded.

Fans lined up all the way down the hall for a chance to get an autograph and shake hands with 50 Cent. SMS Audio also gave away autographed hats and headphones during the week. I tried but came up short in my quest to win a raffle.

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