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Britney Spears Tops Google+’s Rankings

britney spearsIf you weren’t keeping a close eye on the popularity rankings on Google+, you might have been surprised to learn after recovering from your tryptophan-induced Thanksgiving grogginess, that Britney Spears had gotten to that social network’s top spot. To get there she inched out Larry Page -- Google’s CEO and co-founder -- over whom she currently has a lead of over 70 thousand followers. [READ MORE]

The joy of listening to free music

Everyone loves music. Period. There’s no doubt that this assumption holds water especially if one gets a hold of free music through any medium, be it radio, television or even the internet. In regards to the internet, audio albums and singles can be downloaded in matter of minutes just by performing a couple of searches using any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on and so forth.

Music can also be downloaded …