Britney Spears Tops Google+’s Rankings

britney spears

Article submitted by iClimber (A Social Media Marketing Company)

If you weren’t keeping a close eye on the popularity rankings on Google+, you might have been surprised to learn after recovering from your tryptophan-induced Thanksgiving grogginess, that Britney Spears had gotten to that social network’s top spot. To get there she inched out Larry Page — Google’s CEO and co-founder — over whom she currently has a lead of over 70 thousand followers.

Although the money machine behind Britney couldn’t be happier about her wining placement in a “major” social network, Google brass, including Larry, is probably even more pleased about her come-up as it constitutes a good indicator of Google+’s acceptance by the online masses. And, on the more personal side, taking one from Britney Spears is a lot more tolerable than taking one from an arch nemesis called Mark Zuckerberg. When the twenty-seven-year-old head of Facebook joined Google+, he shot up in popularity and reigned, for a while, as the person most followed on Google+. During this time, Larry Page had to endure the pointed embarrassment of being second in his own network to Zuckerberg.


But the reasons for Zuckerberg’s and Page’s high rankings on Google+ is that as fledgling, if super-well-funded social network, its early adaptors are those most entrenched in tech culture — hence the tech kings’ chart toppings. Britney Spears’ ascendance signals that Google+ is being embraced by more than technology aesthetes.

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