Will I Look Like a Loser if I Contact a Matchmaker?

Written by New York Socials

A professional matchmaking service can potentially help you find the woman of your dreams. But are you willing to hire one? Many men have doubts about contacting a matchmaker because they believe it might make them appear weak or even a loser. However, reaching out to a professional matchmaker doesn’t mean that you’re a loser, unlucky, or unsuccessful. In fact, it means the opposite.

As a leading relationship coach in NYC who offers matchmaking services, I’ve had the privilege of working with many successful, affluent men who come to me to help them find the one. Most of my clients are thriving in their careers, reaching their goals, and are satisfied in nearly every area of their lives. They are not losers. The decision to contact a matchmaker can reveal a lot of good qualities about a person. Here are the top reasons why you don’t appear weak if you contact a matchmaker.

You Know What You Want

When a man is ready to contact a professional matchmaker, it means he knows what he wants out of a relationship. At the very least, it means he wants to find out. It reveals that he is confident, ready to date and pursue a serious relationship.

You Have Refined Taste

Most men hire professional matchmakers because they want to meet highly intelligent, educated, and beautiful women. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a woman with this unique set of qualities in the real world. It’s not impossible, however seeking the help of a matchmaker simply shows that you have refined taste and are willing to go the extra mile to find the woman you’re looking for.

You’re Honest and Open

Women appreciate men who are honest. When you’re ready to meet a professional matchmaker, it reveals that you’re honest and open about yourself as well as what you want in a potential mate. A matchmaker will usually interview you to find out more about yourself, your wants, and needs. You have a better chance of finding the one if you’re completely truthful during this process.
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